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Great Blue Hole in Belize Connected to Collapse of the Maya Civilization

A scientific report on Livescience.com is propounding that Belize’s famous underwater cave, the great Blue Hole offers sedimentary evidence that the Ancient Maya Civilization were wiped off the earth by a 100 year drought.

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“Minerals taken from Belize’s famous underwater cave, known as the Blue Hole, as well as lagoons nearby, show that an extreme drought occurred between A.D. 800 and A.D. 900, right when the Mayan civilization disintegrated. After the rains returned, the Mayans moved north — but they disappeared again a few centuries later, and that disappearance occurred at the same time as another dry spell, the sediments reveal,” states the report which has gone viral on the Internet.

According to Andre Droxler, Co author of the study and an Earth scientist at Rice University in Houston, the findings are not the first to tie a drought to the Maya culture’s demise and the new results strengthen the case that dry periods were indeed the culprit.

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Droxler also discovered that in the two centuries leading up to A.D. 1000, there were only one or two tropical cyclones every two decades as opposed to the usual five or six.

“When you have major droughts, you start to get famine and unrest, he said.

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