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Get Close to Nature and Wildlife in Belize

If you long to breathe fresh air and get close to nature, start planning your trip to Belize. This small country gives you many big reasons to spend time outdoors.

Belize Recognizes the Importance of Conservation

belize conservation

Belize has taken conservation seriously. About 40% of the country is in a nature preserve, marine reserve, national park or wildlife sanctuary.

This has paid off in several ways. Sustainable farming and fishing have allowed these trades to flourish without depleting the land or water. Belize’s first marine reserve, Hol Chan, began as a community effort to preserve fishing stocks around the Belize Barrier Reef.

It’s a Magnet for Eco-Tourism

belize eco tourism
The emphasis on conservation has made Belize a magnet for eco-tourism, which is the biggest travel trend. People interested in sustainable tourism and agricultural tourism find Belize the perfect destination.

Belizeans are proud of the beauty of their country. They recognize the importance of its delicate land and marine ecosystems. When you visit Belize, show the same respect by using sustainable practices, wearing reef-safe sunscreen and using eco-friendly bug spray.

Belize Is a Birder’s Paradise

belize birding
Birders have long known that Belize is the perfect place to spot rare, colorful birds. There are over 600 bird species in Belize. With a diverse mix of ecosystems, you can spot every type of bird here.

Tropical birds include the keel-billed toucan, Belize’s national bird, and scarlet macaws, who have safe nesting sites in Belize. Birders have spotted hundreds of hummingbird species all over Belize. Belize has created safe havens for birds that are endangered elsewhere, including the red-footed booby, jabiru stork and golden-cheeked warbler.

Belize has shorebirds, raptors, owls, fish-eating birds, cuckoos, pigeons, geese, doves and dozens of hummingbird species.

Marine Life and Mammals

howler monkeys
Belize is home to Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, the world’s first jaguar preserve. A community monkey sanctuary helps preserve its impressive howler monkeys. Another community effort helps preserve iguanas.

It’s also home to unusual mammals like the mountain tapir, Belize’s national animal, the gibnut and the coatimundi. Fish, sea turtles, manatees and sharks are abundant in Belize’s pristine waters.

Get Away From It All In Belize

best place to stay in belize
If you want a magical destination where you can see rare, colorful animals in an unspoiled natural setting, head for Belize. Walk on the beach. Hike up an ancient Maya temple. Spot jaguar tracks while you’re hiking. You can do all that and more in this wonderful country.

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