Placencia Belize: Best Destination To Celebrate A Mother’s Day Trip

Placencia Belize Best Destination To Celebrate A Mother's Day Trip
She changed your diapers, put up with your “terrible twos,” stood by when your teen romances dissolved like bubbles and she’s the first person to say, “I really don’t want a thing” each time you say, “Mom, what do you want for Mother’s Day?”

If you know that flowers and candy won’t cut it because neither conveys the deep love you have for your mother, the gift of a vacation in Belize is guaranteed to elevate you to the status of being mom’s favorite child (even if you have no brothers and sisters).

The Caribbean in mid-May becomes a wonderland for moms who are often shocked that their kid(s) sprung for such a remarkable gift. You don’t have to reveal that shoulder season has started and while the weather stays idyllic, rates drop appreciably. Winter crowds have vanished, so she doesn’t have to deal with crowds. 

Once Mom gets over the shock of learning that you’re taking her to Belize, we recommend handing her pen and paper and asking her what she thinks about the following attractions so you can book the ones that are ideal:

-Did she call you “little monkey” when you were a toddler? A Monkey River tour is relaxing and calming–until primal shouts of critters for whom the river was named liven up the journey. 

-Does your mom wax poetic about reading poetry on a beach with a cocktail in hand? Belize, and particularly Placencia peninsula beaches, has so many gorgeous beaches, making a decision can be difficult.

-Does your mom literally light up when the word chocolate is mentioned? Belize chocolate tours are delicious. Mom can make her own chocolate bar and she doesn’t have to share it with you if she doesn’t want to. 

-Is your mom known for taking in every stray animal on the planet? Delight her with Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Belize Zoo or other animal-focused tours that she’ll talk about for years to come.

-Has your mom read so many murder mysteries, it’s hard to find one she hasn’t already finished? Mayan ruins throughout Belize are tucked into jungles and mysterious caves where sacred chambers still hold artifacts, ritual items and skeletal remains. 

mothers day in belize

Of course, the resort you pick for mom’s getaway can make the difference between a so-so journey and one that’s unforgettable. One of Placencia’s most popular resorts is Chabil Mar where villas, amenities and luxury are exactly what mom deserves. Chabil Mar’s onsite gourmet restaurant, spa and pool get rave reviews from Fodor’s, TripAdvisor and organizations dedicated to promoting resorts that prioritize the environment, so she’ll be pampered throughout her stay. 

Direct Mom to this page on the Chabil Mar website. Don’t be surprised if she tears up and says, “The place looks like paradise!” It is. And since she’s your angel, Chabil Mar is exactly the place she deserves to be over the Mother’s Day holiday.


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