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Second Annual Birding Festival Promises to be Bigger Than The First!

belize birding festival

For avid bird-watchers, there are few better places to be than the beautiful Central American nation of Belize. The country’s lush jungles and rainforests are filled with a wide variety of unique birds, such as the keel-billed toucans, lineated woodpeckers, and gartered trogons.

On October 19th and 20th, 2019, the 2nd Annual Belize Birding Festival promises to take the region’s avian appeal to a whole new level. The event, organized by the Belize Audobon Society (BAS), Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA), and the Belize Hotel Association (BHA), will take place at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Renowned birding experts such as Dr. John Fitzpatrick, Dr. H. Lee Jones, and Serge Arias will be present.

While the inaugural festival took place over just one day, the second iteration of the event is set to deliver two days of tours, presentations, exhibitions, and conferences. The first day will begin with an Urban Bird Walk, a three-hour hike through the bird-filled San Ignacio area. Throughout the rest of the day, visitors will be able to spend time on the exhibition room floor, attend the keynote address, view the panel discussion, and enter competitions and raffles. The day will conclude with cocktails and snacks by the pool.

Day two looks set to be just as exciting. Attendees can begin the day with a birding excursion to Black Rock, Cahal Pech, or the Crested Caracara Provete Teserven Private Reserve. During the rest of the day, visitors can tour the exhibits, attend a Q&A session, and attend a discussion about bird watching in Central America. There will even be another round of competitions and prizes. The day will finish with a thank you address by the organizers and the presentation of awards.

Whether you want to attend the 2nd Annual Belize Birding Festival in October or just want to visit Belize to marvel in its natural beauty, you will undoubtedly need a place to stay. Chabil Mar in Placencia, Belize is an excellent option. Our villas are luxuriously appointed and our location provides easy access to a host of nearby sights and attractions.

Put simply, there’s a lot to love about this amazing resort. If you would like to learn more, contact our team, or make a booking, all you need to do is visit the website.

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