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Chabil Mar Chef to Compete in Taste of Belize

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The award-winning resort of Chabil Mar in Placencia is happy to announce that its very own head chef, Carlos Hernandez, will be competing in the 2016 Taste of Belize competition.

Organized by the Belize Tourism Board, the Taste of Belize is the country’s premiere cooking competition. Ten top-level chefs will compete in three elimination style rounds with the winner being awarded the coveted title of Belize Master Chef 2016.

Carlos Preparing Dish Chabil Mar Resort Belize
Chef Carlos Henandez

“We’re very proud that our head chef, Carlos Henandez, will be competing in this year’s Taste of Belize competition,” said Larry France, marketing manager of Chabil Mar. “Carlos has been providing a mouthwatering array of tasty dishes for our guests for years and we know that he has the skills and drive to take home the grand prize.”

Similar to the popular cooking television program “Chopped”, the Taste of Belize begins with 10 of the country’s most esteemed chefs battling in several rounds, with chefs being “chopped” or eliminated after each round. In the first round, the 10 chefs will be required to prepare four identical appetizers in 15 minutes. In the second round, the surviving five chefs will have 90 minutes to prepare a signature entree. In the third and final round, the three remaining chefs will have 30 minutes to prepare a dessert for the panel of judges.

Entre 2 at Reception Chabil Mar Resort Belize
Chabil Mar, located on the southern tip of the idyllic Placencia Peninsula in southern Belize, is an award-winning luxury resort with its own onsite restaurant called Cafe Mar. Helmed by chef Carlos Hernandez, the Chabil Mar restaurant has been serving up a delicious repast of elegant dishes that fuse Belizean and local flavors with international influences. Chabil Mar uniquely offers guests the opportunity to enjoy Chef Carlos Hernandez’s signature dishes anywhere on the resort, including beautiful outdoor beachfront settings and on the veranda of guest villas.

One of the most popular dining options at Chabil Mar is when guests take advantage of the rich waters of the nearby Belize Barrier Reef and successfully land a fish. Returning to the resort, Chef Carlos Hernandez and his team cook it to perfection, giving guests a unique opportunity to savor the very best in fresh Belizean cuisine.

Carlos and Team Chabil Mar Resort Belize

Appetizer Chabil Mar Resort Belize

The staff and thousands of satisfied guests of Chabil Mar wish the very best for Chef Carlos Hernandez in the 2016 Taste of Belize competition and look forward to savoring many more of his award-winning dishes.

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