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The Baca Academy Helps Placencia Youth and the Community


Today on the blog, we’re taking a moment to focus on the Baca Academy. One of Chabil Mar’s esteemed staff, Luis Torres, has been passionate about the Baca Academy for years, a local school that works to improve the lives of children in the villages of Placencia and Independence near the resort.

Luis Torres, beyond his outstanding abilities as a proud member of the Chabil Mar staff, has been a member of the Belize national soccer team for the last seven years. Luis has traveled around the world, visiting 11 different countries while representing Belize during soccer tournaments, guiding both youth and men’s teams.

Luis graduated high school in Independence in 2005 and later Independence Junior College in 2009, earning an Associate Degree in Tourism Hospitality and Business Management. Luis helped lead his schools to three national championships, twice with his high school and once while playing with Independence Junior College. The pinnacle of his career came in 2013 when he played for Belize’s national team during their competition in the CONCAF Gold Cup in the United States. In 2016, Luis was declared the Most Valuable Player for the regular season.

baca-academy-group-photoLuis has spent the past three years working full-time at Chabil Mar as a waiter and bartender. With a generous spirit and an infectious smile, Luis has shared his passion for the game of soccer with youths from the nearby villages of Placencia and Independence, helping instill an appreciation of the benefits of hard work, dedication, sportsmanship, and team values.

Luis believes that team sports like soccer play a positive role in the community, improving the health and welfare of young people in the area. Luis also admires soccer for its unifying ability, bringing large groups of people together to enjoy the athleticism and drive of the younger players. Luis has dedicated significant amounts of his time and energy working with the Baca Academy to help youngsters realize the many benefits of participating in team sports like soccer.

Although Luis and the players lack nothing when it comes to enthusiasm, the Baca Academy has struggled to provide the equipment and gear needed to help the kids properly train and participate in league matches. Baca Academy has suffered from a shortage of spare soccer balls, training cones, soccer shoes, and other equipment, which is why Luis came to us, asking if we would help spread the word.

Anyone who is interested in sponsoring or assisting the Baca Academy in purchasing equipment and supplies can contact Luis at this email address: princebacatorres@yahoo.com.

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