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The Most Beautiful Beach Destination in Belize

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Placencia: Where Belize’s Most Beautiful Beaches Await

It’s a topic that continues to be debated by vacationers obsessed with beaches: Which is the best beach in the Caribbean? Insert yourself into this conversation and listen to what seasoned beachgoers have to say—-especially if the debate compares the beaches of Belize.

This small country has more coastline per mile than most nations of comparable size and hundreds of cayes with their own beaches. According to TripSavvy.com, “Approximately 450 Belize islands and islets stud the Belize Barrier Reef” alone. Sound a bit overwhelming? We can help.

From formal surveys to anecdotal research, you would be hard pressed to find beaches that receive more compliments and reviews than those lining Belize’s 16-mile-long Placencia peninsula.

Why Placencia?

For frequent visitors weary of the pace found at the Belize hot spots frequented by folks seeking the trendiest locations, Placencia offers a perfect compromise of beauty, tranquility and just enough nightlife to make things interesting.

For a resort like Chabil Mar, this combination of excitement and relaxation attracts couples seeking a unique wedding, honeymoon or couples experience and families are equally taken with this gorgeous oasis of luxury.

But it’s the beaches that are the focal point of tourists who, when offered myriad choices, choose Placencia over all other locations, and their reasons for doing so could convince you to join them!

most beautiful beach destination in belize
Reasons to put Placencia beaches atop your preference list

-Placencia is known as “the caye you can walk to,” so if island vacations don’t float your boat because you’re not a fan of isolation, this peninsula checks off both boxes.

-Placencia separates the Caribbean Sea from a protected lagoon so guests can explore both sides for a more diverse landscape.

-Access to Belize’s popular natural wonders are in such close proximity, Chabil Mar guests can book excursions like diving, seeing whale sharks in season, fishing, cave tubing, and barrier reef exploration without having to be driven miles to get to a launch point.

-That lagoon is amazing. Endangered manatees, dolphin, turtles, stingrays and other marine life find safe harbor there, so your chances of seeing these marvelous creatures increase.

-Placencia’s beaches offer secluded spots where nobody is around to ruin your privacy.

-If you’re a student of cultural diversity, Placencia could remind you of the United Nations: Residents and visitors include Latinos, Creoles, Maya, Mennonite, Chinese, East Indian, European and North Americans.

Stay at Chabil Mar for all the right reasons

belize beach vacations

Access to the resort’s spectacular beachfront is a big tourist motivator, so you couldn’t choose a property that offers such close proximity to the white sand and soothing waves lapping along the coastline.

Every luxury you desire is included in a Chabil Mar experience: posh accommodations, delicious meals, the spa, and that beach!

Summer awaits at Chabil Mar, and in addition to those spectacular beaches, summer rates are in effect, so if you can think of a reason why you shouldn’t join the Placencia beach fan club before summer fades, we’d like to hear it!

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