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Stay, Eat and Have the Time of Your Life at Placencia Belize’s Chabil Mar

Stay, Eat and Have the Time of Your Life at Placencia Belize’s Chabil Mar

Who wouldn’t love to find a tropical paradise that is so filled with extras, you can stay, eat, chill and have fun without having to move a muscle? Chabil Mar makes this commitment to every guest who is weary of having to rush from place to place in order to properly see a foreign country. At less than 9,000 square miles in size, no nearby nation is as easy to navigate.

In addition to being located on the lush Placencia Peninsula – the highly-rated area of Belize that currently charms international travelers – Chabil Mar was one of the first resorts to adhere to the nation’s Gold Standard of excellence program, launched to keep guests safe after the pandemic began spreading. Chabil Mar offers assurances and protocols that combat spread, including social distancing, enhanced cleaning and sanitation protocols, and reassurances that add to guest comfort and peace of mind.

Have the Time of Your Life at Placencia Belize
Further, this tropical haven is filled with onsite amenities that delight and entertain, regardless of the itinerary visitors wish to pursue. For some, lush gardens dominating the resort are enough to trigger contentment. Others are excited to find that this full-service resort is packed with things to do that include sunning on the sandy beach, swimming in Chabil Mar’s two infinity swimming pools, and enjoying the resort’s kayaks, paddleboards and bicycles.

Nearby Placencia Village can be reached by strolling down the beach where cultural centers, shops, eateries, bars, and cafés are fun to visit, but to be honest, Chabil Mar guests tend to be blissfully content hanging out on resort grounds, in great part due to the property’s stunning accommodations. Sea views, elegant furnishings, and private verandas are a few of the features that charm guests – especially once they see photos of these luxe digs!

Treat yourself to a Belize vacation package so you don’t have to make a single decision during your stay. Delicious meals prepared by Chef Daniel at the resort’s al fresco restaurant are included and whether your idea of fine dining happens to be beachside, poolside, your veranda, Chabil Mar’s private pier, or the Kaleidoscope Bar and Lounge, you can change venues every night and never leave the property!

Have the Time of Your Life at Placencia Belize’s Chabil Mar
For adventurous souls who wouldn’t think of visiting Belize without taking advantage of the nation’s activities, attractions, and cultural sites, Chabil Mar’s tour menu is unique because the resort partners with guides who specialize in hot spots. Choose a package that fulfills your desire to do the things you love or experiences you haven’t tried: Roam ancient Maya ruins, fish, snorkel, dive, sail or undertake a personal exploration of your soul by opting for the Yoga Retreat.

You wouldn’t be the first guest to say that there are just too many choices, but that’s the objective, weary traveler! It’s your vacation – perhaps the first you’ve taken in so long, it’s hard to recall when you last got away. Reason enough to ask for everything you want and need. Chabil Mar specializes in customization so this won’t be like any vacation you’ve taken in the past – and isn’t that exactly what you need right now?

For more information about Belize, feel free to chat with our Concierge at concierge@chabilmarvillas.com or contact our Reservations Manager at reservations@chabilmarvillas.com. Or perhaps you would like to call toll-free from the US or Canada: 1-866-417-2377 or WhatsApp us at +501-633-7547.  

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