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Belize: It’s Fast Becoming a Mecca For Groups of Women Vacationers

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Women Adventure Travel to Belize

Have past girlfriend trips proven to be boring and expensive? Head for Belize where luxury and fun are just the beginning of your travel adventure.

They’re not really lost, but The Travel Channel’s “Lost Girls” blog reveals information most women already knew: Girl getaways are trendy!

It matters not whether your girls happen to be BFFs, female relatives, clubs or organizations; getting away with a bunch of women is the ultimate in fun and 2020 is expected to be a banner year for these getaways.

Where to go? That answer is trending, too: Belize. It’s the ideal place to visit with your posse because it’s affordable, navigable and, if you come to a resort like Chabil Mar, you and your pals can bask in luxury while someone else takes care of tidying up, cooking and serving meals and planning girlfriend tours.

What can you see and do if you bring the gang to Belize throughout the year? Sit down. Grab a coffee. This list is going to delight you:

-Engage with the Belize community by attending meet and greets and contribute to the Pack for a Purpose Giving that shows your group’s compassion for others.

-Have your host book Belize cuisine classes and field trips that include chocolate and spice tours plus arts and crafts activities–and don’t forget shopping for gifts to show everyone left behind that they’re not forgotten.

-Channel your inner mermaids by snorkeling, diving, fishing and sailing. If the girls want to see how it feels to have a private party on an island, Chabil Mar is happy to do the planning and get you to your happy place.

-Swim in pools beneath waterfalls, float along rivers, go tube caving and visit Belize’s famous wildlife sanctuaries where myriad species that range from manatees to jaguars are protected.

-If your group is composed of fearless souls, the resort is happy to get you to a Belize zip lining hub so you can see how it feels to glide over forest canopies.

-Once everyone has their fill of adventure, visit Maya ruins where ancient history and mystery merge to tell tales of ancient people, exotic rituals, strange beliefs, ceremonies and innovations. You don’t have to take in all 900 Belize Maya sites, but your girlfriend trip wouldn’t be complete without at least one.

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Chabil Mar in Placencia Belize: The Best Travel Destination for Women in 2019/2020

Your Chabil Mar hosts are eager to streamline and tailor a trip that meets your group’s interests, desires and physical limits, so the sky is the limit–especially if your besties want to zip line!

Whether everyone decides to hang out at the resort for the duration of your visit (this virtual tour gives you an idea of how sumptuous the resort’s environs are) or you want to stay busy from morning to night, it’s your girlfriend vacation, so do it all.

How to make this happen? Gather the girls. Pour some wine. Pick a travel date and contact Chabil Mar’s Reservations Manager (reservations@chabilmarvillas.com) to design a one-of-a-kind trip.

Just keep this advice in mind and share it with the girls: What happens in Belize stays in Belize, so make sure everyone in your party is ready to let their hair down and make every minute count.

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