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Belize: A Honeymoon Destination You’ll Fall in Love with This Fall

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Belize – Best Fall Honeymoon Destination

June weddings are so yesterday! Your fall wedding will be held at the trendiest time of year—especially if you choose a romantic, affordable honeymoon destination like Belize.

Once upon a time, no bride would consider holding her wedding during any month but June. According to historian Christine Schultz, the restriction had everything to do with paying respects to the goddess Juno and in fact, choosing another month for getting married could have impaired a bride’s fertility, according to folklore.

But June weddings have gone the way of white dresses and throwing shoes at newlyweds. These days, June has been replaced by September and October as the most popular, and Paris has been replaced by Belize as an ideal overseas trip that’s close to home and where everyone speaks English.

Where to go in Belize? Chabil Mar Villas located on the Placencia peninsula. And if you’re marrying in the fall, you’ll be delighted to read that you can honeymoon here without emptying your savings account at a destination guaranteed to give your married life the most amazing start ever.

Why Chabil Mar?

This is an equal opportunity honeymoon haven. Bridal magazines offer women excellent advice but it’s rare to find a men’s magazine raving about a destination. “GQ” editors say, “no one would blame you for holing up” at Chabil Mar with your loved one.” Agreeing on a honeymoon destination couldn’t be easier!

This resort is sexy and exciting. Accommodations are luxurious, private and intimate. Imagine being sequestered in a honeymoon suite surrounded by a lush tropical garden. Actually, you don’t have to imagine it; you can see it for yourself: https://chabilmarvillas.com/panoramas/virtualtour.html.

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Chabil Mar has won many awards. Listing them all here would test your patience but each one is well deserved! From gorgeous suites to the onsite gourmet restaurant, the number of honeymooners hanging “Do Not Disturb” signs on the doors of their lodgings for the entirety of their stays is staggering.

Fall honeymoons at Chabil Mar are affordable. Getting married in September or October? Take advantage of the resort’s “buy 4 nights; get 1 free” offer by reserving before September 30th and as long as bookings are available, you could save a bundle. You get the same white glove treatment you would enjoy if you came during high season when rates are at their highest.

Activities newlyweds adore. Chabil Mar offers an assortment of tours that suit all appetites. Whether you book a package that includes tours, or you want to choose activities when the mood strikes, you can marvel at Maya temples and caves, scuba dive the barrier reef, zip line over jungle canopies, fish the ocean or explore diverse cultural treasures. Staff does the work. You have the fun.

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Start Planning Your Belize Honeymoon

Let’s say you have something more intimate in mind. Imagine a yachting island cruise, relaxing couples’ massages and intimate dinners served beachside, poolside or on your villa’s veranda. Why would you think of honeymooning anywhere else now that you know how splendid a fall honeymoon can be when it’s celebrated at Chabil Mar?

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