Ambergris Caye vs Placencia: Which Is Better For A Belize Honeymoon?

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Do you frequently find yourself debating the merits of one issue, place, or subject over another? Perhaps you are motivated by this back and forth. Maybe debates satisfy your need to win, or you just love to hone your persuasion skills. The fact is, some of us are hard-wired for healthy debates and if you’re one of them, perhaps you just like to argue for the sake of seeing how good you are at articulating your perspective.

Humans, it seems, aren’t the only entities drawn to the debate stage. There’s been an unofficial competition between the two most popular Belize destinations for longer than either Ambergris Caye or Placencia peninsula fans will admit, and for couples planning honeymoons, the decision to pick one over the other can be tough because both destinations are popular, diverse, and packed with opportunities that make ordinary honeymoons become extraordinary ones.

We can help you decide…

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The Ambergris Caye/Placencia decision is simply no contest. Placencia is the clear favorite among honeymooners who want it all, minus the crowded beaches and rowdy all-night bacchanals for which Ambergris is not just known but beloved by folks who wouldn’t vacation or reside elsewhere. Allow us to make a case for Placencia if you’re sitting on the fence by citing these 10 reasons:

1. Placencia beaches are lauded by travel experts as being the best in Belize.
2. Honeymooners enjoy two coasts: The Caribbean and a tranquil bay where manatees frolic.
3. Ambergris is more crowded at 10 times the population of Placencia.
4. Placencia offers quick access to top tourist attractions. Every Ambergris mainland tour requires a time-consuming boat ride.
5. At 16 miles long, Placencia is delightfully navigable. Ambergris covers 25 miles.
6. Ambergris is the Caribbean version of the wild west! Placencia is laid-back and mellow.
7. Honeymooners find Placencia to be quaint, romantic, and charming. Ambergris? Crazy-busy!
8. Get to Placencia from the airport quickly to start your honeymoon. Add a boat ride to reach Ambergris.
9. Ambergris is the quintessential tourist town, so you’ll likely spend more money during your honeymoon.
10. Ambergris will satisfy your wish for 24/7 partying. Prefer privacy and intimacy? Placencia is Nirvana.

The honeymoon haven you seek awaits

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At Chabil Mar Villas, perched on Placencia’s Caribbean shoreline, honeymooning is elevated to an art. An exaggeration? Hardly. Can you think of another resort that offers you six separate honeymoon escapes and then invites you to curate the one that’s closest to your heart so it becomes a one-of-a-kind getaway?

Your honeymoon launches your life together as man and wife so why not celebrate it in luxury and seclusion that only a Placencia resort of this caliber offers? Learn more about this idyllic peninsula and you’ll be convinced that making a decision to skip Ambergris Caye in favor of this paradise on earth is exactly the honeymoon you’ve dreamed about, and so much more!


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