Belize: One Of The Best Places To Visit In 2024

Belize: One Of The Best Places To Visit In 2023

Whether you’re seeking a refreshing break from your routine or searching for a novel destination for your annual getaway, let the tropical gem of Belize be your next vacation choice. Situated along the shimmering Caribbean Sea and bordered by Mexico and Guatemala, Belize is a unique enclave of diverse, verdant ecosystems. Additionally, it stands out as the only Central American country where English is the official language. Many respected travel publications have consistently recognized and promoted Belize as a top destination to explore year after year.

To grasp why numerous esteemed travel sources advocate for Belize’s place on the global travel map, let’s delve into some of its most captivating features:

  • Ease of Arrival. There are around a dozen different North American airports that offer direct flights to and from Belize City. The relative closeness of Belize to North America also means it is considerably cheaper than trips that cross the Atlantic or Pacific.

Ease of Arrival

  • The Coastline. Coastal explorers can check out spots like the Belize Barrier Reef, known as the second-largest barrier reef on the planet, and the Great Blue Hole, a startlingly deep underwater sinkhole that has become a haven for scuba divers and photographers.

The Coastline

  • Varied terrain. Belize is more than just a country with an amazing coastline. Head inland and you can discover vivacious rainforests, networks of underground caves that even allow for traveling through via inner tubes, and a robust number of archaeological sites connected to the Ancient Maya. Whether you are interested in Altun Ha, Lamanai, or any other variety of local adventure, terrestrial Belize can more than satisfy your need to explore.

Varied terrain

  • The People. Belize’s beauty has encouraged many cultures to call it home. Whether want to meet ex-pats or learn about indigenous people like the Garifuna and Maya, you are likely to be welcomed with a smile and maybe asked if you’ve eaten.

The People

If any of these points are remotely appealing to you, you will need a base of operations for your expeditions and excursions. Fortunately, Belize is small enough that you only need one base and Placencia is among the best possible options you could have in 2024. In addition to offering easy access to anywhere you would want to see, Placencia is also where you can find Chabil Mar, one of the country’s top-tier beach resorts.

Belize: One Of The Best Places To Visit


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