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Belize With Kids: A Guide

Belize is a lot of things to a lot of people: a tropical paradise where newlyweds can connect, a living obstacle course for outdoor adventurers, a natural spa for rest and relaxation. But this Central American country is a great destination for families as well. Here are some of the best activities in Belize that are also suited for vacationers with kids.

Silk Cayes and Laughing Bird

laughing bird and silk cayes

Snorkeling is a great low-intensity way for kids to experience the tropical fish and other sea life off the coast of Belize safely, and there’s no better spots in Belize than Laughing Bird and Silk Cayes. The gentle, shallow waters are ideal for first-timers, but there’s still an abundance of life occupying this stretch of the Caribbean Sea. Both cayes are accessible as day trips.

Monkey River Tour

Monkey River Tour

Monkey River is aptly named. The habitat is home to a vibrant population of mischievous howler monkeys, and the popularity of this region has made them hospitable to strangers. Whether your family is looking to cruise the river by boat, experience the hiking trails, or do a little light spelunking, there are plenty of options. And your kid can go back with stories of meeting wild monkeys up close and personal.

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary


Looking for something a little more fierce? Cockscomb Basin is home to the world’s first jaguar preserve, but don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe for visitors of all ages. It’s also known for its gorgeous waterfalls, and its biodiversity extends well beyond the local jaguar population. It can double as a learning experience as well, instilling in kids the complicated balance of life that makes up the natural world.

Maya King Waterfalls

Maya King Waterfall in Southern Belize

Maya King Waterfalls is a great place for a relaxing and laidback afternoon with the family. Your kids can go splashing in the cool pool at the foot of the waterfall while you bask on the nearby rocks. The surrounding jungle is a true sight to behold.

Nim Li Punit and Lubantuum


Belize is home to a wealth of natural beauty, but it was also once home to one of the most expansive empires in history. If you’re looking to expose your kids to the importance of history and the experience of immersing themselves in other cultures, you owe it to yourself to make a visit to Nim Li Punit or Lubantuum. Located in the south of the country, these remarkably intact ruins are a testament to the extraordinary engineering skills of the Mayan people.

A Golf Cart Stroll on the Placencia Peninsula

placencia village belize

The Placencia Peninsula is a beautiful stretch of territory where the beach is never more than a few miles away. That means that it’s a great region to explore by golf cart. A leisurely journey through the peninsula is an ideal way to soak up the local habitat and have some quiet family bonding time.

If you’re thinking about bringing your family to Belize, don’t wait to call Chabil Mar. We offer a variety of jungle and sea packages, and we can work with you to create an itinerary your family will love.

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