The Best Months to Travel to Placencia Belize: Planning Your Visit


If you come from a big family, you know that siblings are cut from a different cloth – unless they are identical twins. One says the perfect vacation is beach time. Another insists that only activities like hiking will do. A third won’t go anywhere that doesn’t include museums and cultural arts. Sound like your family? Don’t fret. There’s a vacation solution everyone will applaud: Come to Belize.

For the most amount of variety, stay in the middle of the action at Chabil Mar on the Placencia peninsula where a mix of onsite and offsite activities are guaranteed to delight even the pickiest traveler.

Chabil Mar’s Belize vacation packages mean carefree stays because you pay a single price for lovely accommodations, meals, recreational opportunities, and more. While browsing that page, don’t miss current special deals that save guests even more.

Placencia Belize Lobsterfest

When to come to Placencia Belize? Any time the spirit moves you

By sojourning at Chabil Mar along the 16-mile-long Placencia peninsula you’ll have access to the nation’s most popular attractions and celebrations, so there is no bad time to come to Belize, as you’ll see when you browse this list:

•January 1: New Year’s Day. Break out the spirits. Chabil Mar packages include your fill of local spirits.

•February 14: You’ll fall in love with the Placencia Peninsula Arts Association Sidewalk Arts Festival.

•March 7: National Heroes and Benefactors Day. Can people who shaped Belize be celebrated too often?

•March 9: Baron Bliss Day. This Brit is a hero, too, after willing a large fortune to the Belize people.

•April 15-18: Spend Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter at houses of worship throughout the nation.

•May 2: You can attend Labour Day festivities recommended by your resort host.

•May 23: Commonwealth Day pays homage to the consolidation of 54 nations belonging to the British Empire.

•June/July: Lobsterfest starts. Look for raffles, fishing tournaments, and festivals, and eat your share of shellfish!

•August: Summer games include a Country Fest soccer tournament, beach volleyball meets, and more.

•September 10: Saint George’s Caye Day commemorates an important 1798 British/Spanish battle.

•September 21: Independence Day: Full autonomy returned to the Belize people in 1981 is a reason to rejoice.

•October 10: Indigenous People’s Resistance Day memorializes continental struggles for independence.

•November 19: Garifuna Settlement Day: Celebrates the deep impact made by Afro-Caribbeans who invite the world to dance, sing and drum with wild abandon.

•Early December: The End of the World Marathon is a tradition embraced by visitors and citizens that also raises funds for high school scholarships.

•December 25: Christmas Day for folks who live in northern climes is heavenly.

•December 27: Boxing Day. This public holiday is best known for sporting events and shopping.

Tripadvisor Best of the Best Designation for 2022

There’s plenty more to celebrate and your Chabil Mar resort host is happy to update this list, get you anywhere you want to go, and bring you back to your beautiful digs. As you can see, every month is the best month to visit – and when you discover how delighted Belizeans are to have tourists join in the fun, you’ll want to keep coming back year-round just to see what you might have missed during your last visit!

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