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End of the World Marathon in Pictures

Last week, the End of the World Marathon and Half Marathon was held in Placencia. The marathon which began as a celebration of the end of the Maya Calendar in December 21, 2012 has become one of the most sought after running events in Belize.

The race is divided into two categories: a full marathon and half marathon.

Beginning at the football field at the bottom of the Placencia Peninsula, the full marathon (26.2 miles) goes through Placencia Village, Seine Bight Village and Maya Beach. The race then loops back a few miles south of Riversale and ends in the village of Placencia.

The half marathon (13.1 miles) begins at the marathon turnaround and also finishes in Placencia Village.

The End of the World Marathon is not only about running and fun in sunny and beautiful Belize, but it is about giving back to the community. According to the organizers of the event, the proceeds raised goes towards high school scholarships for children on the Placencia Peninsula.

Below are photos of this year’s race. All photos by are by Marion & Ed Carr. Copyright Muzamanzie Photographs, Belize.

6th End of the World Marathon -Belize

Sunday, December 10, 2017 05:30 (GMT-6) – Final results

    • Race winners
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 full Winner Winning time Total racers
 Overall Bulum, Juan 3:02:15.7 41
 Female Cruz, Rosa 3:39:58.1 13
 Age 20-29 Lipman, Jenna 4:40:16.4 1
 Age 30-39 Cruz, Rosa 3:39:58.1 4
 Age 40-49 Reimer, Sara 3:59:35.5 3
 Age 50-59 Sanders, Kimberly 4:50:32.2 4
 Age over 60 Johnson, Cathie 6:09:55.4 1
 Male Bulum, Juan 3:02:15.7 28
 Age 20-29 Bulum, Juan 3:02:15.7 6
 Age 30-39 Augustine, Egbert 3:15:02.8 8
 Age 40-49 Herrarte, Edy 3:17:23.1 8
 Age 50-59 Hope, Marvin 3:27:13.7 4
 Age over 60 Pech, Orlando 5:21:04.3 2
 half Winner Winning time Total racers
 Overall O’Brien, Leon 1:15:29.9 165
 Female Smith, Trinity 1:38:52.8 84
 Age 20-29 Smith, Trinity 1:38:52.8 22
 Age 30-39 Yunokizono, Haruka 1:50:22.3 26
 Age 40-49 Bader, Mary 2:00:55.7 14
 Age 50-59 Shaw, Mary 2:15:26.0 8
 Age over 60 Stakutis, Wanda 2:03:59.8 3
 Age Under 20 Gomez, Daniella 1:56:24.8 11
 Male O’Brien, Leon 1:15:29.9 81
 Age 20-29 Smith, Radmon 1:23:50.7 24
 Age 30-39 O’Brien, Leon 1:15:29.9 16
 Age 40-49 Villalobos, Juan Carlos Chaves 1:21:41.0 17
 Age 50-59 Rosado, Victor 1:52:09.6 5
 Age over 60 Carpenter, Nick 2:05:37.0 2
 Age Under 20 Arana, Brayan 1:21:40.4 17
Chabil Mar has been a proud sponsor of the End of the World Marathon since its inception. For more information about the End of the World Marathon, please don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call US/CAN Toll Free: 1-866-417-2377, Local: (011-501) 523-3606.

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