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Experience the Magic of a Belize Wedding

Have you ever closed your eyes and pictured yourself getting married in a mesmerizing, beautiful,  and exotic place? Perhaps the sun was shining, the waves were gently crashing in the background, and all of your friends and loved ones were there to celebrate your most important day.

There is power and magic in thoughts like those, and there is a location where dreams can come true. Far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, located on the shimmering shores of the Caribbean, is the resort of Chabil Mar.

Tropical flowers, each one more colorful and fragrant than the next, are your first sight when you approach the resort, located on the Placencia Peninsula in southeastern Belize. But the resort’s appeal goes beyond its fantastically beautiful setting. It is the careful attention to details, the right pairing of colors, the personalized gifts, and the elaborate choreography that makes everything look effortless – these are what make a wedding at Chabil Mar truly special.

Belize is a country made for love, a land where warm smiles and big hearts are its greatest riches. And there’s no better place to celebrate the love of your life than at Chabil Mar. The resort has everything you need, including arranging for the officiant, handling your wedding license paperwork, and providing a skilled team of photographers and videographers to ensure that every moment is captured.

Belize makes it easy and simple to get married. The only real requirement is that both the bride and groom must be in the country three days prior to the marriage. That is why Chabil Mar organizes exciting adventures and guided tours. Whether it’s snorkeling and scuba diving on the nearby barrier reef or explorations of the rainforests and jungles on the mainland, the time will simply fly by when you’re in Belize.

After three (or more!) days of celebrating the diversity of nature in Belize, of climbing to the top of an ancient Maya pyramid, of sailing through the air on ziplines and floating down underground jungle rivers, then, and only then, will you truly understand that your life is about to change forever. Barefoot yet dressed in their finery, the wedding party will assemble on the beach. The music will play, and the officiant will invoke the sacred words to join two hearts forever as one.

What are you waiting for? That fantasy Belize wedding that you’ve always dreamed of is only one click away.

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