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Rumor has it . . . Steve Harvey to host Miss Universe in Belize

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Last year, the world’s attention focused on American actor and presenter Steve Harvey after he unintentionally announced the wrong winner at the Miss Universe pageant. Despite facing a withering storm of outrage on the internet, Steve Harvey maintained strong support from some quarters, including the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) which took the proactive step of inviting Mr. Harvey to come host the country’s 2016 edition of the Costa Maya beauty pageant held in San Pedro on Ambergris Caye.

This week, Harvey surprised his radio listeners by stating that he just might take up the BTB’s invitation and host this year’s Costa Maya pageant. Broadcasting from the Cayman Islands, Steve Harvey was in the midst of interviewing Monyque Brooks, currently Miss Cayman, when he stated, “I am hosting the [Costa Maya] pageant this year and it’s going to be in Belize”. Mr. Harvey further added that he looks forward to visiting the country.

The audio clip from Harvey’s show caused a lot of excitement in Belize. In an attempt to confirm that Mr. Harvey will indeed be hosting the 2016 Costa Maya pageant, journalists contacted BTB Director Karen Bevans who stated that she is currently in the United States and that her staff is currently in negotiations with Mr. Harvey’s people for the popular comedian and actor to host the event.

On December 21, 2015, after the world learned of Harvey’s misstep during the Miss Universe pageant, BTB tweeted to Harvey, “We all make mistakes. You handled yours with class. Would you host our next pageant?” and subsequently received a “like” from Mr. Harvey.

After the Pageant

To unwind from all the excitement of hosting the pageant, Steve Harvey is heartily encouraged to enjoy all of the wonderful sights in Belize. One of the most beautiful spots in the country is the Placencia Peninsula in southern Belize. With easy access to a wide variety of mainland adventures and just a few miles from the pristine Barrier Reef, Placencia is an ideal place to experience the best of Belize.

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One of the finest resorts in Placencia is Chabil Mar. A luxury destination with its own private beach, Chabil Mar is an oasis of modern amenities with close access to both marine and mainland excursions in southern Belize. After Harvey’s faux pas at the end of 2015, Chabil Mar’s marketing manager Larry France heartily recommended that the celebrity host and presenter come visit Placencia and enjoy a delicious cocktail at the resort.

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