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See Laughing Bird Caye off Placencia During Your Belize Vacation

laughing bird caye belize

It’s a Belize island named for a quirky bird: Who wouldn’t want to visit?

In case you can’t tell one bird from another, visit the Laughing Gulls page on Cornell University’s “All About Birds” ornithology website to see exactly what these winged comedians are all about.

This breed of gulls are in constant competition with pelicans for tasty fish, but the characteristic that defines this breed of gull is a chirp that closely resembles the sound of human laughter. If you’re lucky enough to spot one while visiting Laughing Bird Caye National Park, perhaps they will let you in on the joke!

A beautiful, protected area

laughing bird caye in placencia belize

Laughing Bird Caye National Park is a must-see for more than just the birds for whom the island was named. It’s a protected caye measuring 1.8 acres located just off the coast of Placencia Village. While these skittish gulls no longer breed on the island (they need more quiet than curious visitors are willing to give them), travelers love the solitude of the beach and enjoying the park’s natural beauty.

Spend your summer or fall vacation at Chabil Mar, where seasonal rates are low and surroundings are lush and luxurious, and you’ll have access to Laughing Bird Caye. Staff is delighted to make arrangements for your visit and you’re welcome to return to the caye as often as you like if your trip to Belize is all about grabbing as much solitude as possible so you can clear your head and relax.

A balance of nature and luxury

belize luxury vacations in placencia

Once you’ve had your fill of roaming the caye, Chabil Mar tours can satisfy the adventurer in your soul, especially if you love to scuba dive and snorkel Placencia’s chain of offshore cayes where beginners and seasoned divers find plenty of underwater splendor. Need gear? The resort has you covered. You can also arrange a fishing trip.

At the end of day, luxe accommodations beckon. This full-service boutique resort is located on the beach, so you’ll be sent off to sleep listening to ocean waves. Within your villa, furnishings, art and decorative touches are all Belize-inspired and your host provides every amenity to make your stay comfortable and restful. Don’t forget to add at least one heavenly massage at the resort’s spa to your itinerary.

Onsite dining is so exceptional, many guests refuse to go outside the resort because they can’t get enough of Chef Daniel’s eclectic menu. The award-winning Café Mar serves Belize-inspired and international dishes. If this virtual tour doesn’t compel you to book a villa and a secure a table reservation at the Café now, while summer rates are low, nothing will.

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