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The Maya Mountains of Belize


The Maya Mountains are a range of peaks that are primarily located in Belize but also in the eastern part of Guatemala. The Maya Mountains begin in the western part of the country and gently slope eastward until the coast.

The Maya Mountains are a relatively short range of peaks, the highest point being Doyle’s Delight in Cayo District, which measures approximately 3,680 feet (1,124 meters) tall. Doyle’s Delight is named after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries. In 1912, Doyle wrote a book called The Lost World which refers to Belize mountains as beautiful and wild places.

The second-highest peak of the Maya Mountains is Victoria Peak in Stann Creek District in eastern Belize. Victoria Peak measures approximately 3,670 feet (1,120 meters) tall. Victoria Peak is classified as a Natural Monument and is located inside the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary.

While both of the tallest peaks are difficult to reach, the Maya Mountains remain a top attraction in Belize due to their amazing views, unspoiled landscapes, the abundance of wildlife, and the number of waterfalls found in the area. Many of Belize’s national forests and protected conservation areas are found partially or wholly inside the Maya Mountain range.

Anyone considering some Belize travel should definitely consider visiting the Maya Mountains. Belize tours of the area include hiking to the top of 1,000 Foot Falls (actually 1,600 feet high), horseback riding, bird watching, canoeing, and visiting ancient Maya sites such as Lubaantun and Cahal Pech which were built on the periphery of the Maya Mountains. Tikal, in Guatemala, is also located adjacent to the Maya Mountains.

Belize vacations in this region also include activities like caving and cave tubing, the latter a uniquely Belizean activity involving using an inner tube to float down placid underground rivers. The town of San Ignacio is also located adjacent to the Maya Mountains, making it an ideal place to stay for travelers wishing to explore this region. The Maya Mountains can also be seen by car as the Hummingbird Highway crosses through the mountain range between San Ignacio and Dangriga.

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