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Trophies Made Of Human Skulls Highlight The Collapse Of The Maya Civilization

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Much is already known about the ancient Maya civilization that once ruled the Central American nation of Belize. Of course, there are always new and intriguing things to discover – as recently proven by a team of archaeologists from Michigan State University.

Deep in the Belizean jungle, near Pacbitun, the archaeologists uncovered two human skull trophies. These defleshed and painted skulls were found buried with an ancient warrior and are believed to be manufactured from the heads of his defeated enemies. 

Though the discovery of these skulls is exciting in its own right, the location of the finding makes it even more interesting. The archaeologists believe that the discovery of the skulls may hint at the existence of regional conflicts towards the end of Maya civilization. More specifically, they think that it shows conflict between the established ruling class in the south (Belize) and upcoming powers in the north (near the Mexican Yucatan).

The archaeologists arrived at their conclusions because the location of the discovery and the time-period of the warrior are both consistent with the downfall of the Maya civilization. During the warrior’s life, northern cities in the Mexican Yucatan were rising to prominence and creating art and ceramics that were heavily influenced by military battles – often showing killings and decapitations.

The exact cause of the collapse of the Maya civilization in Belize is certainly complex and still relatively unknown. However, the presence of what seems to be a northern warrior (given the similarities between his trophies and the art of the time) in an established Maya city may indicate that war and conflict played a significant role in the events.

The best way to learn more about the ancient Maya civilization and its eventual downfall is by taking a trip to Belize. While here, you will be able to visit historic ruins and caves – taking in everything there is to know about the Maya people in the process.

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