Visit Placencia in 2024–Especially if You’ve Never Been Before!

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Are you an intrepid traveler or would you like to step out of your comfort zone? Visit Belize in 2024 and before you leave, you could call yourself intrepid!

What’s on your 2024 resolution list? Lose some pounds? Stop spending so much time at the office? Perhaps your resolution is to travel more. Would you like to put a healthy twist on that plan? We suggest going somewhere you’ve never been because when you travel somewhere new, you gain all sorts of mental health benefits.

Psychologist Todd B. Kashdan talks about people’s propensity for going back to the same place year after year out of habit, but it’s only by going somewhere new that you gain “enhanced emotional agility.” Must you spend a bundle and travel around the globe to develop this healthy attitude?

Not when Belize is a few hours away by plane, yet visitors step into an entirely new world the moment they arrive. Today’s hottest Belize destination is Placencia, so it’s an ideal haven for newbies and frequent visitors alike.

What you can expect from your Placencia vacation?


More than you imagine. The Placencia peninsula is just 16-miles long and surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and a tranquil lagoon. Beaches are pristine, several quaint villages are within walking distance of resorts and exploration is as easy as getting your hands on a bike, kayak or travel by foot.

Where to stay? At one of Placencia’s top-rated resorts: Chabil Mar Villas. As the closest full-service resort to Placencia Village, guests have access to any number of resources; beach bars, shops, and restaurants plus close proximity to jungle, cultural and historic sites, all of which can be booked through the Chabil Mar concierge. Of course, you’ll return to your lush accommodation and the resort’s 400 feet of private beachfront after each foray.

Placencia is the ideal destination for everyone

Dr. Kashdan’s study into adults and kids visiting new places reveals a secret that may surprise you: It’s human nature to suspend judgments about people of other cultures when traveling to other nations. Bring your youngsters to Placencia and introduce them to Belizeans with deep Maya, Mestizo, Creole, Garifuna, East Indian, Mennonite, Arab, Chinese and European roots. Placencia’s cultural scene is vibrant and exciting.

Stay at Chabil Mar to enjoy the best of both worlds—a fact not lost on honeymooners who flock to Placencia to unwind and relax. After all, Chabil Mar is a self-contained, award-winning paradise that’s not only home to a highly-rated gourmet restaurant but gorgeous suites that are hard to leave because they’re so beautifully appointed.

By the way, it’s been proven that people engaged in international travel to new places find that they think more creatively at the end of a visit to a foreign land. That’s a bonus you may not have been expecting, especially once you realize that since everyone speaks English in Belize, you don’t have to bother with language apps, either!

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