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You’re Invited to Spend Thanksgiving in Belize

spend thanksgiving in belize
Chabil Mar, Placencia Belize

The first North American Thanksgiving at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts was a model of diversity. Pilgrims, Native Americans and early settlers came together for a turkey dinner, and while there were no TV shows broadcasting sporting matches that day, there was plenty of talk, kids’ games, fun and gratitude for the new world’s bounty.

Given these North American roots, some travelers are surprised to learn that Thanksgiving is celebrated with great gusto in Belize—likely a result of the arrival of Pilgrims–known as ex-pats–who brought the holiday to Central America along with their furniture and desire for a more leisurely lifestyle.

Ex-pats were also surprised to learn that they didn’t have to import their birds to celebrate Thanksgiving in proper style. Mayans hunted and raised turkeys on this land thousands of years ago and served them at ceremonial occasions, as well.

Never thought about spending this holiday away from home? It’s time you re-thought the notion. Frequent November visitors agree: Thanksgiving in Belize is like nothing they have ever experienced, particularly holidays staged at Chabil Mar Villas where all of the tradition is imported but none of the chilly November North American weather!

“Each year our Thanksgiving celebration gets bigger and livelier,” says Chabil Mar’s Marketing Manager Larry France. “It’s become so popular here, we offer special packages just for visitors in late November when travelers want all of the celebration but none of the work. Thanksgiving in Belize is our tradition now, which is why our dinner table figuratively and literally grows larger each year!”thanksgiving in belize

The word’s gotten out–and we don’t think turkeys are talking—that if you think about spending your Thanksgiving holiday in Belize, Chabil Mar is your holiday headquarters. The resort not only hosts a lavish traditional meal but offers beautiful accommodations and amenities that are included in affordable packages for which you’ll be truly thankful.

“At Chabil Mar, the traditional cranberries, sweet potatoes, stuffing and pie guests enjoy back home are always on the menu, but our side dishes include tours of nearby attractions that make Thanksgiving in Belize a one-of-a-kind experience, surpassing even North America’s parades and football games,” adds France.

Tours include travel to the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife and Jaguar Preserve, Monkey River Howler tour, birding outings, cave and river tubing. Guests requiring more activity to work off those tasty dishes count on Chabil Mar’s large inventory of bicycles, paddle boards and kayaks to make quick work of their Thanksgiving meals.

“Every year, as we host more and more tourists, Chabil Mar’s Thanksgiving feast becomes a more heavily booked affair,” France says. “Reservations come in faster and earlier these days, which is why we urge travelers eager to spend Thanksgiving with us to book early so there are enough places at our table for their entire family.”

If holidays are known to sneak up on you, a new tradition is in order: Thanksgiving at Chabil Mar. Just thinking about the sun, fun and the turkey you didn’t have to cook could make you doubly grateful for your decision to make your own pilgrimage to Belize.

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