Belize Vacation: 10 Things To Know Before You Take Off

You’ve probably already heard about all of the amazing things to do and see in Belize, learned that every major airline offers non-stop flights to the country, and that Belize is an unspoiled natural paradise.

Before you depart for a wonderful vacation, here are 10 things you need to know to make sure your trip goes smoothly:

1 – Money


One American dollar is always equivalent to 2 Belizean dollars (BZD). American dollars are accepted everywhere.

2 – Visas


Citizens of Canada, the United States, and the EU do not need a visa to enter the country as a tourist for up to 30 days. For longer stays, you’ll need an extension.

3 – Language

Award for second place water station Chabil Mar Resort Belize

As a former British colony, Belize is the only country in the region where English is the official language. Many people also speak Creole (similar to English), Spanish, Maya, Garifuna, and German.

4 – Toiletries

sunblock creams

Be sure to bring sunscreen if you have fair skin. It’s also a good idea to bring insect repellent as well. In order to protect the environment, choose natural products.

5 – Clothes to Pack


Definitely don’t forget to bring a swimsuit! It rarely gets cold in Belize, so a sweatshirt or jacket is the most you’ll need. Casual wear like shorts and sandals are practically the national uniform in Belize.

6 – Religious Customs



Most people in Belize are Christian, so be sure to act respectfully in and around churches and during important religious holidays like Easter and Christmas.

7 – Electricity


Belize uses the same outlets and voltages as the United States, so all of your gear will work just fine.

8 – Holidays and Festivals


Belize is a country that loves to celebrate, so be sure to check the calendar to find out which exciting festivals, holidays, and concerts will be taking place during your visit.

9 – Health Requirements


Belize has top-quality healthcare, and there are no major health risks associated with visiting the country. The weather is quite warm in Belize so be sure to drink plenty of water so as to not get hydrated.

10 – Get Excited!


Belize is a land of adventure, so be prepared to have a ton of fun. Whether you spend your time clambering around ancient Maya pyramids, zip lining through the jungle, spotting howler monkeys in the wild, or swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling on the reef, you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful time.

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