What You Should Know About Dangriga Belize

dangriga belize

Dangriga Town will charm you with its color, vibrancy and friendliness. The town is the capital of the Stann Creek District in Southern Belize. With a small population of over 9,000 people, it’s small enough to be enjoyed in a day.

Get to Know a Vibrant Community

Dangriga Town is often called the cultural capital of Belize because it’s the heart of Belize’s Garifuna culture. The Garifuna are descended from slaves who escaped from a sinking ship. Over the years, the escaped slaves mingled with the indigenous people of St Vincent in the Caribbean and then migrated to the coastlines of Honduras, Guatemala and Belize. Today, the Garifuna people live in communities like Dangriga, Hopkins, Placencia and Punta Gorda.

Enjoy Art and Culture

Garifuna Settlement Day in Belize

Dangriga Town is the birthplace of Punta Rock, an authentic Belizean musical style. It’s also home to festivals that celebrate Garifuna music, art and food. Spend some time at the Gulisi Garifuna Museum to learn more about this vibrant, thriving people.

Make sure to make your way to the Pen Cayetano Art Gallery, owned by the celebrated Garifuna painter and musician Pen Cayetano.

Get Close to Nature

cockscomb basin wildlife sanctuary

Natural beauty is never far away in Belize, and Dangriga Town is no exception. It’s surrounded by pristine rainforest, sandy beaches, coconut trees and the Maya Mountains. Dangriga Town is close to the southern edge of the Belize Barrier Reef. It’s also close to the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the most beautiful natural areas in Belize.

Taste True Belizean Flavor


The Garifuna people have added to Belize’s rich ethnic flavor. You can get a taste of that in the delicious, freshly cooked meals you’ll enjoy here. Sample some traditional Garifuna dishes like sere, a stew made from fish and coconut milk. Dangriga has other specialties like cashew wine, mashed plantains and cassava bread.

Do you love chocolate? Learn how the ancient Maya of Belize make their world-famous Maya chocolate at the Maya Center which is located a few miles outside of Dangriga Town. At the Maya Center you can sign up for a farm-to-factory tour with a master chocolate maker. The tour includes a trip to a cacao plantation.

Chabil Mar

Belize and Placencia in December

Every trip to Belize should include the beautiful beaches and fun, friendly towns of southern Belize. At the Chabil Mar, we’re in the perfect location for all your Belize explorations. We offer luxury accommodations and we’ll help you enjoy all that Belize has to offer.

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    1. Great. Welcome to Belize. Have you checked options on the Placencia Peninsula or Placencia Village, our home?

  1. If we are traveling to Tobacco Caye and would like to do some traveling to Dangriga, mostly jungle tours/cave tours..is there a local tour company you would recommend to help with this? Thanks !

  2. Looking for the underbelly of Dangriga. Local traditions, food, music etc… that is less of a tourist attraction and more exotic to an American. What are some exciting endeavors that aren’t shown to most tourists? Really want to get a sense of this amazing place.

    1. Here are a few ideas about the Not So Ordinary tours in Belize, focused on the Placencia area. file:///G:/Chabil%20Mar%20Docs/Tours/Not%20So%20Ordinary%20Tours%20Doc.pdf
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